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What is the ISA Client?

According to popular belief, the client is a computer sends a request for data to server, server to collect and send data to the client response. Relations client - server depending on the software installed on the client to help it communicate with a certain service at server.

However, the concept for ISA client and ISA server are quite different. ISA client does not necessarily have to be installed a specific application and client application on the ISA is not necessarily directly connected to the ISA server. In short and more specifically, any computer connected to the resources that it need to used through ISA is an ISA client.

According to the above concept, ISA client will belong to 1 of 3 categories:

A single computer can be configured to operate in one or more of the ISA client. For example, A Windows XP machine can be configured to all 3 types of client. A Linux machine can be configured as Web Proxy client and Firewall client. Selecting the most appropriate type of ISA client is sometimes not an easy problem.

Web proxy client

Web proxy client are computers that have browser configured to use the ISA server as a web proxy server. However, not only a web browser, other applications can also be configured to use the ISA server's web proxy server. For example, instant messenger programs (chat) or mail browser.

When SecureNAT or Firewall client access to the website, the request is transferred to firewall service on the ISA. Firewall service to transfer the request to the web proxy filter. Web proxy client requests are directed to port 8080 - the port of the web proxy filter - hereby increasing web access speed significantly.

When the Web proxy client to use a web browser to download the data from the FTP server, for example:, web browsers will implement an HTTP tunnel (HTTP tunneling) rather than directly using FTP. Web proxy requests FTP client packaged with one HTTP header with the target address is the internal address of the ISA card and the goal is TCP port 8080. Upon receiving this request, ISA 2006 will change the HTTP header and ftp transfer request packet to the server When using a web proxy for ftp connection, the client can only download (download). To be able to upload (upload), the client must be configured as SecureNAT or Firewall client.

Administrators can limit the number of Web proxy client's simultaneous connections. This configuration is useful when the access bandwidth is limited or when the administrator wants to maintain a certain percentage of users access the web at a time.

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