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Facebook, the largest social network in the world, has become a frequently visited addresses of many people. Facebook helps you keep in touch with friends, personal status updates, or simply for entertainment. Facebook also helps you share articles, links, tips, photos, videoss or any stuffs with your friends.

However, recent access to Facebook in some countries has blocked by network provider. (Ex: VietNam). A several organizations, companies or schools do not allow employees or their students on access this social network.

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Solution 1: Use web proxy

You can select one of them on web proxy list and enter website addess that you want to unblock.


Solution 2: Use proxy server

We have a bigest proxy server list for you. By simple visits to Proxy list by country or Anonymous proxy list and select one of best proxy. Configure your browser to use this proxy. (How can i configure proxy setting for my browser).


Solution 3: Use free software Hotspot Shield

Apply to Windows OS machines. This method is extremely simple. You just download Hotspot Shield, installed on your computer, and turn up every time you want to unblock Facebook or other blocked websites, eg blogspot, wordpress, or watch a youtube video blocked for users on your country. Hotspot Shield is appreciated by prestigious organizations such as PC World, CNET ... No viruses, no spyware, and completely free. Download this software here.



Solution 4: Edit window hosts file

Stage 1: Open notepad: Click on Start Menu >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Notepad. Note, if you are using window 7 or window vista please right click on notepad icon and select "Run as Administrator"

Stage 2: Open hosts:file: In the notepad interface, select File >> Open. In the open window dialog, Please select "All Files (*.*)" for filter dropdown then go this path for open host file: C\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

Stage 3: Edit host file: After you opened the hosts file, move the cursor to the end of the file. Then press Enter. Copy following contents to add at the end of the hosts file:

Stage 4: Save host file and close notepad

Stage 5: Close currently browser and reopen it. Check for results.


Solution 5: Change the DNS

You can change the DNS to "talk" with your computer to look real IP address of the Facebook with one other server. Some reputable DNS server addresses that you can use:

Open DNS: and

Google DNS: and

Stage 1:

For Windows XP, Windows Vista: Click Start Menu >> Control Panel >> Network Connections then select Properties on the window.

For Window 7: Click on the PC icon in the bottom right of screen. Select Open Network and Sharing Center. One next screen, click Change adapter settings. Then double-click the icon with the blue connection, and select Properties.

Stage 2: On the Properties window, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP v4), then click on Properties button. On the "Internet Protocol ..." screen, select "Use the following DNS server addresses:" and type DNS server to Prefered DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server textboxs.

+ Prefered DNS Server: (or if you want to use Google DNS)

+ Alternate DNS Server: (or if you want to use Google DNS)

Click OK to save the settings

Change DNS screen

stats icon

Total proxies:



Alive Proxies (Last checked in past 24 hours):



Total Socks:


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