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A recently developed method allows access to the proxy, few firewall systems are known as transparent proxy. In this model, the application does not need to be added with the user and is not directly connected to the firewall or determine firewall exists or not. Using the basic control paths, all connected to the external network through the firewall only. As packets enter the firewall, they are automatically diverted to the pending proxy. In this way, the firewall performs very well as the destination assume host. When creating firewall proxy connection, the client application thinks it is connected to the real server, if permitted, the proxy application excute standard proxy functions in creating the second connection to the real server.

The application proxy layer are conference with circuuit class: application_level proxy is implemented at the application layer. It provides for each individual service and interpret the command line in the ritual. A proxy circuit_level make a circuit between the server and the client does not need to interpret this ritual. Generally, application_level client proxy using modified content to create proxy connections, to any location that you want to connect to. A simple hybrid gateway can block the connection, but a host can only receive proxy connection with its proposal, and must indicate the position you want to connect. A proxy application_level can get information in each individual protocol. A circuit_level proxy can not interpret by rituals and support infomations are required for through a different way. the circuit_level advantages of proxy servers are provides most of the various rituals, it controls the basic connections based on source address and destination address and can not be identified passing it to the command's safety or the events it wishes ritual. The proxy circuit_level easily fooled by the setup server assigns the port to the other server.





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