You've decided to use VPN to surf anonymously and protect your privacy information. It was a good decision. However you are wondering should use a free vpn service or a premium service? In fact there are many free vpn service and is quite useful. The truth is always paid services have advantages compared to free services. This is why we recommend you to use the paid VPN service.

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1. Speed

One of the obvious differences between the Paid VPN service and the Free VPN service is speed. Paid VPN Service gives you the stability and speed than the free service. Paid VPN service always towards to improve the speed connection for their customers to compete with other premium services. 

2. features

Paid VPN typically provides many useful and innovative features. They give their users a comfortable, secure and reliable. This is not possible in the Free VPN service as they provide only the most basic features.

3. accountability

Paid VPN always responsible when any problems occured. This is really necessary for business customer. The fact the Free VPN services provided poor or irresponsible when server working fail or any bad problem orrcur. They do not have the funds to sustain and maintain on a regular basis.

4. Security

All most Paid VPN services offering a high level for data encryption, make sure your data is transmitted securely. In addition, they also help you avoid countless dangers from the Internet, such as viruses, spyware, hacker ...

5. Customer support

Paid services always provide customer support most convenient such as email contact, phone call, live chat. Not only that, most of Paid VPN services giving 24/7 customer support. This is not available for Free VPN services.

Overview, Free VPN services have not the cost to deliver the best features, technology and speed connection for their users. They have no funds to do so.  Unlike Free VPN services, Paid VPN services are using the money receive from their customers to making superior features and safety for their customers. A Paid VPN service would not exist if it is not able to make satisfaction for its customers.


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