Sometimes you feel your browser is too heavy and slow, even conducted cleanup cache and setting some support. However, you can quickly restore browser to default original state, which is just installed. This way sometimes gives very high efficiency, restoring browser back to default will clear all data that you have set up and customize, but it can also completely remove the adware and malware infection.

clean ie browser

So how can recover (reset your browser back to default setting̣̣̣̣̣̣̣̣̣)? Please reference the way for each following browsers:

Google Chrome

In recent versions, Google Chrome has added features 'Reset Browser'. You can find and activate this feature from the Settings menu.

clean google chrome

You can also visit following link and click the Reset button to proceed perform reset operation:
clean google chrome 2

When activated this feature, Chrome will take clear almost everything, just keep a list of Bookmarks and saved passwords on your browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is also equipped with the same features, you access this feature by looking to the 
Firefox menu > Help > Troubleshooting Information
firefox clean

Troubleshooting Information page appears, click on Reset Firefox button to continue.


A confirmation window appear with the list of components will deleted in your Firefox Browser. If you agree, please click Reset Firefox


The old data will be retained and stored in the Firefox folder named Old Firefox Data with your login accounts in Firefox. You can use this if you want to restore when needed.

Internet Explorer

Same as two above browsers, Internet Explorer is also equipped with Reset feature. If you are using Windows 8, when reset Internet Explorer for Desktop or Modern UI, the browser will synchronize both.

To do this, open Internet Explorer on the desktop and go to Internet Options.


Internet Options dialog box appears, now you just click on the Advanced tab and select Reset. Maybe a reminder message you should only implement this feature when not open any tab in the browser. You can skip it.


Next, a message showing the list of components will be deleted when Internet Explorer reseted.  Click Reset to confirm the implement the actions.


During reset, Internet Explorer may be required to restart your computer for changes take effect.


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