In the previous post, i have mentioned about SSH Tunnel and its benefits. SSH Tunnel also know with port forwading. By using it we can browser internet, hide your ip address and access unblocked websites. I will show you how to find public SSH accounts for free and how to use them for hide ip  address.

No need to say much about a problem has become so popular. In many case for some reasons, we have restricted from some more sites and can not access them. There are so many example: facebook, youtube videos (more than 60% youtube videos blocked at Germany), myspace ... We also know proxy (HTTP and SOCKS) allows you change your ip address, hide ip and access to these sites. But proxy servers and socks are short-lived and slow speed (them may down anytime without informed). With SSH Tunnel you can solve this problem. If you have a remote server (ex: vps, dedicated server ...) you can access any website over your remote server ip address and hiding your ip address. The true, im high recommended you using your private server for security and protected your privacy infomations. But there is not many people need to use to remote servers. Of course you can buy a vps just for hiding your ip address (xD). So same as public proxy servers and socks, them will have certain risks (because you are using a public server). But the public ssh accounts still are best alternative for HTTP Proxy and Socks. In this post i want to give for you a small tips to find FREE PUBLIC SSH accounts.

Check this ShellBox software and its video demo:

Also, SSH almost are clean. if you have checked this tool, you will see almost ip address by using SSH Tunnel are clean. You can check blacklist for that ip here:

Video demo:

Download link:


Bitvise SSH Client


For using port forwading please check 'Service' tab on Bitvise SSH Client.

Then Open your Firefox >> Tools >> Options >> Advanced >> Network >> Settings 


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