How to use GatherProxy scraper

Gather Proxy tab

Gather proxy from. By default you will use website sources from for harvesting proxies. But you can also use your custom url sources by select My URLs option. When using this option, gatherproxy provide some expressions, them allow grabber proxies with very smart methods.

Custom Url source expressions

Filter Proxy option. After gathering proxies completed, if you are check on this option. The program will be automatic filter proxy by criteria setting on Proxy Filter tab

Start proxy checker after gathering completed option. The program will be automatic start proxy checker if you checked on this option.

Quick Menus. Paste (import from clipboad) this feature allows you import quickly your proxy list, or the text file which include proxy servers. Example: Goto Hidemyass proxy list page, Press Ctrl + A >> Right click and select copy >> Goto GatherProxy and using "Paste (...)" menu and you will see


Proxy Filter tab

In this tab, you can filter your proxies by more criteria. Notes:
Each port must in one lines for port filter
The format for ip address range: ([lower ip] [upper ip])


Proxy Filter tab

This feature similar to


Proxy Checker tab

If you want to get highest speed. Please select correct option "checking for". If you want to check proxy only, please select "Proxy checker" option only. If you want to check socks, please select "Socks 4" or "Socks 5" and uncheck "Proxy checker"


last updated version: V9.0 (2017/08/04)


How to get 1000+ google passed proxies? Please check here


New features demo:



proxy scraper


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